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Contract Solutions


Thanks to our experienced real estate agents and property experts, MFA also offers Contract Solutions, where our clients get the best contract consulting services. Our services will help you build a legal relationship to a person who you’re offering a contract with. The contract solutions that we will offer you are going to help you and your client stay within the terms and conditions both parties have agreed upon.


Our experts are going to help you:

  1. Check backgrounds and have detailed analysis on the agreement you’re trying to finalize.
  2. File applications that will help you keep everything within the premises of the provincial, state, municipal, and national laws.
  3. Address questions that you have in your mind during or before the contract.
  4. Follow all relevant filing dates for property assessment and tax.
  5. Follow deadlines that are set by the municipal and provincial governments.
  6. Appeal errors in contracts.
  7. Report findings of the review and recommendations to the client.
  8. Gather required documentation and support evidence to complete tax applications.
  9. Gather sufficient information to support valuation positions for review wit assessment authority.
  10. Obtain regular assessment records.

The main objective of our Contract Solutions is to offer recommendation to appeal or not appeal. We also want to know the client’s reporting requirements that will help us give those recommendations. MFA will take part in a number of procedural and administrative matters before the assessment authority boards. We are also going to negotiate a settlement with an assessment entity, appear before a tribunal to argue, and recommend withdrawal based on new evidence at hearings. MFA is also going to make follow-ups with Assessment Review Board so a detailed overview can be reported back to the client.


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